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NYC - day 1

The flight was good, although there were 2 layovers which was pretty lame. The first plane sucked, first of all, it was small and cramp and everyone on it was getting claustrophobic. And when we landed we had a delay cause the plane could connect to a gate so we had to take a shuttle to bring us back to the terminal. I felt bad because there was a family who was flying to boston and he missed his flight. :\ I cant imagine missing a flight, that would suck TOO much.

Second plane wasnt too bad. Although being on a plane for 5 hours straight can be a little cramping. I was sitting next to this crazy russian couple, things i noticed about them: The husband was straight beastly hairy all over his body, the wife was using an apple ibook, and she also attempted to sleep the same way i did on the plane which was using the tray as something to lay on haha. I only managed to grab about 20 minutes of sleep. They played Shrek 3 on the movie screens, but i didnt bother to watch it cause id rather listen to whatever was on my ipod.

The third flight was sweet and short, i felt so relieved to have finally made it to NY. I was just amazed to look over the city right before landing, seeing an island full of skyscrapers, as i said to my sister "its a stack of legos". The private taxi came on time and i pretty much made it to my sisters apt on schedule. It was good to see her since i dont really get to see her all that often anymore. Not only am i staying with her but i get to stay with 2 cats whom i have to babysit when my sister is at work. I pretty much just rested up the rest of the time and took a tour of a part of inwood(the neighborhood she lives at). So far this area is realllyy nice. Like its super family orientated and more rural or suburbial? Mucho mexicanos too.

Since my sister was too busy or whatever to call some place to get some delivery for dinner, we just warmed up a bunch of frozen stuff in her freezer. And i did a good job of cleaning out her fridge/freezer too. I made different lists for the trip such as which landmarks i want to visit, where to shop, where to eat, and as well as what souvineers im going to bring back for certain people(im seriously buying at least 5 i <3 NY shirts). I miss you guys already over in the westsideee, but ill be backckkc. Pictures coming perhaps tomorrow night?
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