Brad (bradical) wrote,

NYC - day 3

So I spent pretty much most of my day shopping and walking around the lower midtown area. We were so tired from the day before and ended up sleeping in till about 2pm hahaha. Oh well.

So we spent most of the time on 5th avenue and 33rd st. One of the popular places to shop in town.


So the empire state building.. i think this was it?? hahaha

Man Banana Republic had a crazy staircase.

And this is the biggest Macys. In the WORRRLDDD. booyah. Too bad we got there 30 minutes to closing and basically had no time to look around a huge ass macys that was a street block long and wide. And it was their one day sale too. boooo. Oh well i might go back later.

One the way home one of the subway trains were having technical difficulties and of course it happened to be the one we were in. We were stuck in the middle of 2 stops so we couldnt really get out of the train. We waited for about a half hour until it started moving again. Well because the subway line connected with the bronx, i guess it gives me a reason why the train was so janky. Hahaha oops. Since we got home a little too late for authentic food, we decided to order pizza down the street.. mushrooms are TOO good to be true. True that. And this concludes my night. Im exhausted once again, and i have to poo. But i gotta prep up for tomorrow! OH and magen, sarah, annete, and cherise are coming to NYC too finally! WOO hyphy
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