Brad (bradical) wrote,

NYC - day 4

So today it rained most of the time, so i barely got chances to take any pictures. bah. The only place we browsed around today was Chinatown/SoHo. And my gosh was it a madhouse. Can we say, BARGAINS?! FAKE STUFF?? oh well all you pay for is the name anyways. woop

Enough of the fictional TV shows, this is the REAL NYPD BIATCH.

My sister duking it out for deals

Seafood market, smelt wonderful. Want me to make sushi with ingredients from here? Better say your last wishes.

This is where we had a lunch/predinner, we were hunting for dimsum, and it wasnt so hard to accomplish the task

We also shopped at SoHo area which had plenty of stores, but the fact that it was pouring and we didnt have any kind of coverage, we had to get back home. And as usual, we came home as moist as ever from all the rain and humidity. GROSS. I'm ending the night early, only to be able to accomplish some big things for the next day. Wish me luck!
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