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Being Friday, it was one of those days where it just wasnt going too right. First off I wake up an hour before i should wake up which was about 2:30am feeling like i was burning up. I had no idea why and i didnt feel sick either? Weird. Woke up at about 3:30am to get ready for work and open up the store. Work was alright, until my stomach just started acting up and was aching horribly for the longest time. But my nifty anti acids i leave in my car just solved that problem. Until it got hot enough in the store where i got hot enough to get a nose bleed, great. It was a good thing I was on my lunch break when it happened, it just sucked i took the whole break trying to stop it from bleeding. At least i got to see Lindsey and got to catch up with her a little bit(yay). Work ends, and I'm tired and hungry. I make myself and my parents some coffee so i can bring it to them when i get home. I get to my car to put in my drinks in and find out that there was gum on the side of my passenger door. So basically i was like okay someone is gonna die. I put the drinks in my car and headed my way home. (im getting angry just typing this up) Driving home usually takes no more than 10 minutes from starbucks. With the first turn one drink NEARLY tips over but i saved it. Also during that moment i almost hit 2 old geezers in a golf cart because i guess they were too blind to see a black car making a turn. Getting into my community complex i turned fast enough to have one drink spill all over my car but only half of it spilled. So by now I would be really pissed which i was. Only trying to fix the spilt drink while making another turn, braking hard enough that the rest of the drinks spill all over my car, sweet. So by now I was just like okay im just gonna stop my car and walk home because i didnt want to risk myself in getting into road rage when im down the street from my house. But instead i calmly just drove into my driveway, got out and got rags and washed my car down. Even after rinsing everything it still smells like drinks. Which is gross everytime i get in my car now. BUT END OF BAD PART OF DAY WHATEVER. I'm probably just over exaggerating.

Today I tried out my new drum kit for the first time, since i got it in the mail yesterday. And its amazing, and amazing light weight. Although i was extremely exhausted from work and not sleeping much the night before, i managed to pull enough energy out of my ass to play and stay awake for the rest of the day.

Went to sushi unlimited with Brandon for the second time to only realize that the sushi there pretty much sucks. The atmosphere is pretty cool, but the play is wayyyy to americaned(?) out. And I also saw a face or two that i wish i didnt see. But they probably didnt wanna see me either haha oh well. After we went to the church to do some carpet project that needed to be done. I also found out im not efficient at carpentry. I guess i should work on that.

Something that made up my day was during church service. Me and two other guys prayed for healing for my friend Dustin who and something wrong with his knee where he and a hard time bending it and putting weight on it, etc. We prayed and prayed to find out the next moment that it was healed and was able to move his leg! Wooo. God's great. I remember awhile ago I met a lady at the church named Margareet, whom had a prophetic word for me. She told me she felt like God has blessed me with huge power of healing. And that word stuck to me. And because i witnessed my own healing of someone, it's only going to encourage me to do more. Super stoked.

I've been almost up for 24 hours. not good


Even though it was approx. a 15 hour day of working, both jobs we're surprisingly enjoyable. But probably because i decided to make it that way, maybe i should do so more often.

Norma Jean show wednesday night @clubretro! come and get hyphyphyphyphy

man i hella stink

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Just got done earlier with band practice. It amazes me how far i travel the distance sometimes to practice. Well its honestly not that far, its just the traffic that I have to deal with that makes me veins pop. We just finished writing a new song, and i hope we're not going to end up scrapping it like we did to some others. It sounds amazing, we can have a full set to play a show if we wanted to, but it seems like we need just a little more tweaking and perfecting doing so. We still need to build a practice space out of Issacs(vocals/guitar) garage and I know its gonna take an amount of effort and green paper to get it going. If anyone is willing to donate supplies/money/or whatnot feel free to. :D Kyle(keys) feels like he has been a great addition to us. Things are a little, well, a LOT more powerful with him now. oyee.

For those who haven't noticed yet I've gotten a new job besides making coffee. Instead, i make sushi. At Mikuni's in roseville(for those who know where that is). Started in a kitchen a good month ago, and have been training as a chef for a good 2 weeks. I'm pretty stoked about it because it's the fact im making my favorite item to consume, plus, its absolutely fun to make it. Especially cutting things. Thanks to this job i have acquired a new obsession with knives. I bought a $100 knife to prove it. Greeting customers is lots of fun too. I dont get paid very much, but i guess thats gotta take time to build a standing, and at least i enjoy it. Ya? irrashaimase!

Some more ink would be nice, too bad i cant really find myself to afford it at the moment seeing that i have other expenses to worry about. Car repairs, a new drumset, more recording equipment, a new macbook, bleh.

I feel like my night isn't done yet. Im exhausted, but i feel like theres something else i need to take care of or get out of my system, im not sure what that is, but sooner or later ill find out.

Lately I've been talking to a lot of my buddies on how some of them are feeling lonely. Like you know, not being with a girl, n stuff. Which is funny because it seemed like this situation came up with everyone all at once. Maybe its this spring fever/fling going around now. A lot of friends too are getting together with their new significant others, which is sweet. But lately ive been feeling it too, sounds pretty dumb just having myself say it, but there isn't really too much i can do.

I've been disciplining myself to read my bible more often when i get the chance to which im proud of. Probably because i leave it in my car now and thats pretty much where i am almost half of my life. I'm in need of a little convenient pocket one to take around with me. I enjoy talking to God, it gets things out of me that are stuck inside.. Maybe thats just what i need to do tonight.


LJ really beefed up this thing since last time i was on it.

Life consists of

an extensive amount of sushi
an extensive amount of money spending

I think im good. But not. more plz?


For a wednesday. For a day of work, finding out you have to stay later. For a school day. For a day of youth nights. I feel like I am truly satisfied for a "normal" day. Even though I'm waking up in about 4 hours, it doesn't bother me all too much really. Actually to tell you the truth, I couldn't really explain what "normal" is anymore. So basically I don't even know if anything I'm saying is making sense. But one thing for sure, is that I'm feeling some form of contentment(if thats even a word) tonight. Not sure what it is, but God is love. peace

I am exhausted

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